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Secrets are the best, yo.

So let me let you in on something.

All of this, it doesn't come from nothing. All of this, it's a reflection of a different place.

And that place has a name.

It's called the Beautiful World. 

The people there, they don't call it that. I mean, why would they? To them, it's just, "the World."

But when bits of it get filtered through, rumors and flashes of imagery and the little bits that come up in your dreams and no matter what you do you'll always remember it, it needs a name. A name that differentiates it from all the other places. 

So we call it the Beautiful World, the place that is beyond.

And that place? It's really weird. It operates on a pretty different set of rules. Kind of "aesthetic non-euclidean," you dig? 

I mean, there's only three colors. At all. In the entire world. And those colors, they have personalities and identities. There's only white, black, and red, and everything in the whole world is made up of those three.

There's also the fact that people and animals are the same thing, at the same time, depending on who's looking at them. The lab types call it a "quantum dimorphism" or something like that, which is just a fancy way of saying that people are both things at all times, and whichever you are depends on who's doing the looking.

And then, there's the big deal. The whopper of the weird stuff. 

The whole world changes depending on who sees it. 

Yeah, I know, right?

We don't know how or why this happens, just that the world itself seems to be totally subjective. It'll be different, physically and literally, for everyone in it. 

Pretty needless to say, it's strange stuff. 

Sometimes, people see it in their dreams. It sticks with them and they don't remember why, but it filters through and fills their mind with experiences and stories.

Some people say that those people, especially the ones who dream about it most, actually have one foot in each world. The one we live in, and the one that's somewhere else. 

Oh, man, I almost forgot.

People go there sometimes, and when they do, they don't really come back. 

At least, that's as far as we can tell. 

They'll step right out of this world and into the other one, and when that happens, it's like they never existed here at all. They're just, gone. 

And we don't know what happens after that. They tried to track someone once and it was like everything about that person was different.

Changed. Even physiologically.

It's also a place where stories are alive, or so anyone can tell. It's like everything's alive and just waiting for a chance. 

So we get lots of stories. That's the best way we have to figure out what's going on over in that other place. 

This was one of those stories. 

I hope you get something out of it. Because that's the secret.

Out there, in some other place, everything you see here and experience? That story that comes together in your head?

It's real. It really happened.

Because your experience made it happen.

So you should enjoy it. 

---------------end transmission---------------

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